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    USDA Certified Organic Meats
    These cattle enjoy a 100% grass fed organic diet and are source verified. Hormones and antibiotics are never administered, resulting in high-quality organic beef approved by the USDA.
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    “Never Ever” no hormones or antibiotics
    In addition to being raised on a 100% grass fed diet, these source-verified premium cattle are brought up free of any hormones or antibiotics.
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    Tevya's Grass-Fed Beef!
    Cattle are raised on a 100% grass fed diet making Tevya's a healthy and natural choice.
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    100% Black Angus
    Tevya's premium Black Angus cattle are grass fed and grain finished, producing the perfect combination of health, taste and quality.
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    We Offer Grain Finished
    Our cattle are grass fed with added grain, resulting in beef that is juicier, tastier and healthier.

Our 5 Great Choices

Welcome to Tevya’s Ranch

Welcome to Tevya’s Ranch

We are the nation’s most trusted supplier of 100% kosher grass-fed beef at competitive prices! Tevya’s Ranch is committed to offering the highest quality products that result in tender and superior flavor. All our meats (grass-fed & grain-finish) contain: • No Antibiotics • No Added Hormones • No Growth Promoting Drugs • No Artificial Ingredients • Start shopping at Tevya’s today for a sustainable, healthy and tasty diet

Slow Cooker Barbeque

Simple and Easy Roast Beef

Chuck Roast with Pomegranate Sauce

Additional Recipes